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Amanda Batula Weight Loss- All her secrets revealed!

Who is Amanda Batula?

After her reality show “Summer House”, Amanda Batula started to shine & started getting searched a lot on the internet. The diva gained popularity due to a lot of reasons like her boyfriend Kyle & his infidelity & her evident weight gain in the official second season of the show. Well, guess what, she managed to conquer both in a pretty bang-on way! Her Bf is now her super loyal & loving husband & her weight has dropped by 20 pounds. Well, we want tips for both

Amanda Batula after weight loss

Amanda’s Weight Loss

Good news for people who don’t like gym, this summer house star herself isn’t a gym lover at all. Amanda Batula says 80% of weight loss is all diet-related magic.

She credits a few things which played a major role in her transformation to lose weight.

Key points of Amanda Batula’s weight loss strategy 

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Bulletproof coffee
  • Cut sugar & carbs as much as you can
  • Small doses of your favorite foods whenever you feel like eating so that you never overindulge.
  • Don’t count calories
  • Eat a lot of protein-rich foods & vegetables
  • Don’t step on the weighing scale
  • Never starve yourself

Intermittent fasting

The fasting helped tremendously in her weight loss journey. Amanda follows the 8/16 rule which means eating only 8 hours a day. She starts off her day with a bulletproof coffee. It keeps her full with all the good healthy fats until the afternoon. And then she eats lunch around 3 PM as the first meal.

Bulletproof coffee

Batula loves to drink bullet coffee in the morning every day. Bullet coffee is a mixture of fresh coffee beans, MCT oil & ghee. This coffee wakes you up, boosts brain health & keeps you satiated for a long time. It is also known as Butter coffee.

Cutting Sugar & Carbs

She doesn’t indulge in sugar & carbs but says, there are days when you have some cravings & you should not deprive yourself of it else you will overindulge from the madness of not having that, so just keep the portion size small & feed your soul also occasionally.

Indulging in cravings

Indulging but not overindulging is the key. You should have small doses of your cravings when you feel like it so that you never overindulge. Amanda is a snacker, she doesn’t deprive herself of food. She will have little doses of her favorite healthy snacks throughout 8 hours of her ‘eating time period’.

Don’t count calories

When you’re measuring calories, you’re basically taking away all the positivity from the food. You can be strict and eat healthily or limit the time during which you eat but counting calories after that is a bit too much. Just be mindful & eat till you know you are 80% full. That’s a simple habit that will always keep you full, happy & guilt-free.

A lot of protein rich foods & vegetables

Amanda Batula’s diet- Proteins are built from chemicals called amino acids. Your body uses amino acids to make hormones, and enzymes & build & repair muscles & bones. So, you need to eat at least 50 grams of protein a day. And vegetables are even more important since they provide necessary nutrients which are important for the health & maintenance of the body. People who eat more veggies have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases including heart attacks, cancers & strokes, etc. Add one to two cups of veggies to your diet or maybe start your day with fresh vegetable juice to keep you motivated throughout the day. Learn from Amanda Batula & include enough protein & vegetables in your diet.

Don’t step on the weighing scale

What’s the point of micromanaging every step? Eat healthy, move your body by walking at least 10,000 steps every day, or do a workout of your choice. Doing this every day is enough. With these efforts, your body will do the rest of the magic with time. Please start the day on a good note! That’s what Amanda Batula believes.

Don’t starve yourself

Starving yourself to become thin and lose weight? That’s what immatures do. No seriously. You are ruining your skin’s glow, hair health, body immunity, and energy to talk, smile, or even work with focus. And beyond that, People around you will suffer because you will be cranky & rude to them anytime you feel low. So, pls eat a well-balanced diet to give fuel to your brain & all the body parts. That’s the reason Amanda Batula has munchies regularly in her 8-hour food cycle time & recommends everyone to lose weight not mind.

Amanda Batula’s Personal Life

Amanda Batula

Amanda is American by nationality & was born on 24th July 1991 in New Jersey. She is an amazing graphic designer with a degree of Bachelor of fine arts. She also owns & did all the designing for her hard tea company called “Loverboy”. She co-owns “Loverboy” with her professional & personal partner, her husband Kyle Cooke. She has also worked & designed for a few brands like L’Occitane (a large cosmetic brand). She has a huge fan following of 614K on Instagram, especially after her reality TV Show Summer House.

Amanda Batula’s current weight & height?

Her height is said to be 5’6 & now she has returned to her college weight, which is 100 LBS or 50 KGS.

Amnada Batula's company


Their Hard Tea company- Loverboy

Issues with Kyle

Kyle Cooke, in one of the episodes of “summer house,” admitted his infidelity. It happened once when he was highly drunk & wasn’t in his senses. Sadly, After this Amanda & Kyle broke up. But he genuinely felt sorry for his terrible mistake & won Amanda back with his true love for her. They got engaged in 2018, and got married in 2021 with a guest list of 200 people & Amanda wore a stunning gown from ‘Amsale’. The couple is in a blissfully happy marriage now & has adopted two cute dogs.

Amanda Batula

Some Lesser known personal facts about Amanda Batula

1. Amanda is a trained professional dancer. She has done her training at Joffrey Ballet School in Newyork city and has even danced at Newyork City Ballet.

2. Amanda has a phobia of spiders. She was seen screaming and running away from a spider during one of the episodes of ” Summer House”.

3. She is half Polish and half Italian. Amanda’s father is Polish and her mother is Italian.

4. Summer house star Amanda has a twin sister, that very few people know of. Her name is Anna and they have a lot of pictures together on their Instagram account.

5. Amanda loves to do Yoga and has even taken training in Bali, Indonesia. She has been seen doing and enjoying yoga on her social media accounts. 

6. Amanda and her husband, Kyle Cook have a podcast called ” Dear Diary, you’re effed” where they share their personal stories, relationship issues, and insights based on their own experiences. They also invite their friends, and fellow reality TV stars to share their own relationship experiences. The podcast is very much loved by their “Summer House” fans, they really love the candidness of the couple.

Takeaway- Amanda Batula Weight Loss

According to the Summer House star Amanda Batula, do everything in moderation for weight loss. Eat a balanced diet with proteins, vegetables, less sugar & fewer carbs for a slow but drastic difference.  Don’t starve yourself, count calories in food or step on a weighing machine before you start achieving your desired body goals. Bullet coffee works amazingly well for her system. She is also a hardcore believer in eating only 8 hours a day & loves small doses of her favorite healthy snacks in the 8-hour cycle for her energy & happiness. Remember, The end goal is to lose weight not mind.

Also, there are plenty of other celebrities who have lost weight and each of them had their own strategies. If you think Amanda’s weight loss strategy is not your cup of tea, you might prefer Chrissy Metz’s weight loss strategy or Doja Cat’s weight loss strategy. 

Here are some other ideas on how to look pretty on the outside.

Love ~ Beauty Stroll



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