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How to be pretty? Enhance your physical beauty to the fullest

Every girl on this planet wants to look pretty & does all the things she can to look her best. To each her own but there are a few unquestionable habits that most definitely works for every female to enhance & maintain her beauty to the most.

How to look pretty on the outside!

We are gonna emphasize 14 important things that are directly linked with PHYSICAL APPEARANCE. Let’s begin with things that are noticed first & the most, to the minute detailed physical attractions.

1. Body Size

It’s a superficial world and to look pretty, always manage your weight. That’s the number one thing people will notice when you enter a room. So, exercise regularly & keep your body in shape.

2. Height

After weight, height does get noticed very evidently. If you are tall, good for you. If you’re short, wear heels. Buy comfortable block heels or shoes with heels in them. It should just feel comfortable so that you wear them easily & more often.

3. Clothes

Look, put together when you go out, and avoid ill-fittings or loose clothes. Wear clothes which are comfortable but that doesn’t mean you wear pajamas outside. At least wear jeans or cool joggers & always dress appropriately for the occasion. It adds a lot of personality to you automatically. Also, there are a few things that look really tacky when you’re in public in my opinion. Like.

  • your bra straps showing out of your tank tops (have a variety of bras in your wardrobe to go with all your clothes appropriately)
  • that weird lining of underwear in your yoga pants (try thongs)

4. Skin

Moisturize for that beautiful skin

Skin is one of the most noticeable aspects of physical appearance. Keep the skin healthy & glowing to look naturally pretty. If you are going through any skin issues like Acne, Melasma, Psoriasis, or anything, go to your dermatologist. Let a professional handle your skin. Else, start incorporating serums in your skincare routine for even-skin tone & glowing skin.

  • Oily skin/acne-prone skin type – Salicylic acid, Niacinamide.
  • Dry skin type – Ceramides, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C
  • Aged skin – Tretinoin, Retinol, Vitamin C
  • Sensitive skin type – Bakuchiol, Lactic acid, Azelaic acid, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid

Always use a gentle cleanser & layer serum with a non-comedogenic moisturizer & don’t forget to wear sunscreen in the end (to save yourself from fast aging and in rare conditions melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer)

Also, try ice water therapy for the face. Fill a bowl with some ice cubes & cold water. Dunk your face in the bowl for as max as you can, say around 15-40 secs. Do it for a total of 10-15 mins with breaks, at least once a week for tighter skin & pores

Exfoliate once a week to get rid of those dead skin cells. You can choose chemical exfoliators like chemical peels, Glycolic acid peels. Just use them safely, away from your eyes, and within the mentioned time limit.

Chapped dehydrated lips– Ugh pls no! Use Lip balm during the day if you have chapped chips. Sleep on with a lip mask in the night to wake up with moisturized lips. Lastly, exfoliate your lips once a week at least with a natural sugar scrub to get those pouty lips back.

Dark Circles – Don’t forget to treat them. Use eye creams with caffeine, retinol, or green tea in it. Apply every single night and sleep on.


You should also apply a face mask at least once every week. It could be homemade or get it from your trusted brand. You can find some good aloe vera mask recipes here

apply face masks weekly for great pretty skin

For homemade masks, there are great ingredients for the skin like gram flour, sandalwood powder, raw milk, yogurt, egg whites, flax seeds gel, orange peel powder, turmeric, raw honey, licorice root powder, rice flour, almond flour, avocado, lemon drops, etc. 

You can DIY the ingredients according to your skin type & needs. Apply the mask for at least 20 mins & rinse with lukewarm water. Pat dry & spray some rose water on the face, it balances your Skin’s PH & is very hydrating. Seal the skin with a layer of moisturizer.



how to be pretty- by taking care of your hair

  • Hair has all the potential to make or break your look. When you have to particularly look pretty for some occasion, do wash that oily, greasy scalp & instantly look fresh. Now if you like, set & style your hair with blow-dries, straightening, waves, crimps, or curls (apply heat protectant prior), whatever suits your face the best. 
  • Give a shape to your hair or some haircut which suits your face & keep your hair trimmed. Long hair without any cut or shape looks like a horse’s tail & hair with split ends simply looks unhygienic.
  • Also, take out time & apply a hair mask once a week, for shiny, healthy hair & to always protect your hair from dust, Uv rays, pollution, and hair buildup. The Mask could be homemade or from any of your trusted brands.
  • For a homemade mask- You can use ingredients like Rice flour, onion seeds, curry leaves, fenugreek seeds, eggs, Shikakai powder, flax seed gel, yogurt, gram flour, neem powder, amla powder, Brahmi powder, Hibiscus leaves, coconut oil & rosemary oil. DIY ingredients according to your hair type. Apply & leave on for at least an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo & conditioner. 
  • As the last step after washing your hair, squeeze half a lemon or 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar in a mug of filtered water & rinse your hair with this mixture. It will add a great shine to the hair.
  • Don’t forget to oil massage your hair & scalp two times a week at least. You can mix the oils of your choice, warm them for just 20 secs, put a few drops of rosemary essential oil & massage it thoroughly on the scalp & hair. Leave overnight or 2-3 hours before washing.
  • For weak hair or hair fall issues – Boil Fenugreek & onion seeds in filtered water for 10-15 mins on low flame. Let it cool. Shift to a spray bottle & spray the mixture all over your scalp & massage nicely. You can do it 2-3 hours before washing hair or can leave overnight too.
  • Apply a shot of espresso or regular coffee dissolved in water, to your scalp & massage it thoroughly to block the DHT & stimulate hair growth. You can apply it after your shampoo-conditioner & let it sit for 15-20 mins then wash it off with plain water.


less is more in makeup

The most crucial beauty tip is to not put a lot of foundation. Do not! Just cover any dark spots or eye bags if you have them, with a concealer & let people see your natural skin. That cakey look is so off-putting. 

I am sure you already have a makeup routine that works for you. Apart from that, you can finish your look with a lovely highlighter to look pretty. Lastly, only one piece of advice, always wear your makeup light & close to natural-looking. How? By just dabbing a little from all the products you use.

7. Hygiene- This is going to be long & don’t you skip it!

Sense or even smell of unhygienic body condition can sideline all prettiness! literally all! You are going to talk to people at the party, everything else fails if you have bad oral hygiene.

Practice good hygiene & read the following tips carefully.

  • Give importance to your breath before going too close to someone ha-ha
  • Go in front of the mirror & check now if you have yellow teeth. If the answer is yes, do everything to whiten them from today. Maybe use whitening toothpaste. Also, for Bad breath, yellow teeth, or any oral hygiene issues try doing “Oil-Pulling” every day after you brush your teeth. (Use organic unrefined coconut oil). 10 min in the morning & your oral hygiene will start improving.
  • Use antiperspirant or sweat pads for your underarms if you’re almost a pig
  • Those waxy feet! That instantly turns off your personality. Either scrub your feet every day while bathing or take regular pedicures
  • Blackheads on your nose. Yikes. Either use a salicylic acid mask every week or get regular cleanups. Just keep the pores clean.
  • Always keep your eyebrows shaped or plucked & nobody should know that you even grow upper lip hair. These points are so non-negotiable.
  • Use facial razors to shave hair, if you have it on the face
  • Keep your arms/legs always hair-free & smooth.
  • When you’re wearing clothes without sleeves make sure your under-arms are clean & waxed.
  • Too much perfume! Gosh, that can almost give an instant headache to people. I mean it
  • Showers! They add a natural freshness to your aura. Give it more importance ladies.
  • Change your bed sheets, pillow covers, towels every week to get rid of accumulated germs that conveniently reside on your body
  • Change from face napkins to dry facial tissues. Esp. if you have acne-prone skin.

8. Nails

always have clean pretty nails

To look, pretty ladies, always keep all your 20 nails perfectly filed. If you do not want to apply nail paint that’s fine but that chipped nail polish looks tacky. Either paint the nail & don’t, the chipped situation is kinda ugly.

9. Moisturize the body

I get that face is the primary concern but rough dehydrated skin on your hands & legs is not very feminine & far away from pretty.

So, right after your shower, apply moisturizer all over your body & massage it thoroughly. (You can also add a few drops of any of your favorite oils in the moisturizer & apply).

10. Accessorizing

Jewelry- An appropriate piece of jewelry adds an edge & completes your look. Anything from dainty to big, whatever suits your outfit & style. A piece of jewelry is like a finishing touch to the look.

11. Diet

eat whole foods like fruits vegetables nuts seeds.

  • Be healthy from the inside and eat healthy food. There’s no way you can eat unhealthy food & look good ha-ha. Even if you have great genes, bad food will ruin that with time. So, keep check of what you put in your mouth & for your skin’s sake, stay away from all FAD diets. (Seriously, even stars like Chrisy Metz avoid them for weight loss)
  • Eat a balanced diet of good fats, protein, and necessary carbs & some days even indulge in your fav sweet, esp. when your body is craving it. Your diet should be a happy lifestyle in short. You shouldn’t feel you are not allowed something. If you eat unhealthy foods occasionally, with a controlled portion size it is fine. Anyway, on an everyday basis eat more healthy foods like eggs, oats, legumes, seeds, nuts, fish, dark chocolate, fruits & vegetables.
  • Get an annual body checkup to know if you’re deficient in any vitamin. & If you are, take supplements for that. Always keep your internal health in check for the outer glow to come.
  • You can take a collagen supplement for good supple skin & health if you’d like.
  • Drink 3 liters of water every day, and sip on green teas, chamomile teas, or lavender teas for great skin & health benefits.
  • Primrose oil supplements are again very nice for skin & hair
  • Add Vegetable juice on empty stomach in the morning to your list. It could include beetroot, carrot, celery & kale.

12. Sleep

Not sleeping adequately has damaging effects on internal body organs, skin, hair & mind. Beauty sleep repairs everything in your body in those 8 hours of rest by releasing heavy amounts of collagen, growth hormones, etc. which helps your body grow, fight inflammation & repair itself. If you disturb this process, the body sadly cannot help you with any repairs needed & it starts showing physical symptoms like aging, hair fall, fatigue, dull skin, etc. So, the moral of the story is, no product is going to affect you no matter what if you do not give your body enough sleep & break for 8 hours every night.

13. Smile

have a smiling personality

Nobody likes a grumpy woman even if she’s pretty. Always keep a light smile on your face. Your personality becomes very pleasing, inviting & attractive for people to talk to you.

14. Confidence

Confidence is above everything baby

Feel confident. If you can’t, fake it till you make it. When a confident woman walks, you can’t help but admire her. She automatically becomes attractive. Walk & feel like you are the prettiest girl around anywhere. Confidence is the sexiest attribute ever & will take you to places.

After following all these tips, there’s no way you don’t fall in love with yourself. I assure you.

Love~ Beauty Stroll


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By Aayushi S
By Aayushi S
Aayushi is a New York based freelance writer and a content strategist. She is a computer science graduate, a health and skincare fanatic and is also the founder of “Beauty Stroll “. She aims to make science-backed skincare easy to understand for her readers.

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