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10 mistakes that are causing you wrinkles at a faster pace

Wrinkles with the aging process are unavoidable, especially after the growing age of 25, but if they have started to bother you before time, there must be something you are doing wrong which is contributing to this premature aging symptom.

I have mentioned all the things that contribute to the rapid growth of wrinkles & also, a few tips that can definitely help you slow them down.

Premature Wrinkles of a woman

1. Exceeding screen times

Laptops, mobile phones & television are all equally responsible for breaking down the collagen of your skin resulting in wrinkles, sagging & dull skin before age. All these screens emit blue lights, also known as HEV lights, emit Xray radiations & EMF radiations that easily develop premature aging signs with everyday exposure

Exceeding screen times

What you can do – It’s difficult to avoid screens I know but you can wear sunscreen when working on the laptop & try to limit the screen time. Go for walks or play sports. Don’t just stick to your phone all the time.

2. Showering with Hot water

Hot showers can inflame the delicate skin, almost similar to a sunburn. They rob you of the skin’s natural oils which make the skin dry, itchy & wrinkly. Hot water also badly disturbs the stratum corneum of the skin which can result in more susceptibility to infections & water loss from the skin. Constant hot showers are one of the major contributing reasons for eczema conditions.

What you can do– It’s not that difficult to take a normal temperature perhaps lukewarm water showers, they are perfectly comfortable & non-damaging for the skin.

3. Dehydrated skin

When you don’t give enough hydration to your body, it becomes incapable of eliminating toxins through the skin which results in dullness of the skin with the accumulated gunk underneath, feeling of the persistent tightness of the skin which results in rapid fine lines & wrinkles with time & even scaly skin, especially after washing the face. This is entirely different from having a dry-skin type. Dehydration of the skin can happen to even oily skin types when there’s less hydration in the body.

Dehydrated skin

What can you do- Keep your body hydrated from the inside & drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Add coconut water, watermelon juice, or vegetable juice to your diet for more fluid

4. Harmful UV rays

The harsh UV radiation from constant sun exposure has the potential to ruin even perfect skin. They are the leading cause of skin issues like hyperpigmentation, melasma, all premature skin aging signs including wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin & the worst of all, deadliest skin cancer- melanoma.

What you can do- You must get in the habit of applying sunscreen every single day with or without stepping outside. SPF 30-50 works just fine for everyone & try to cover yourself from the sun exposure by maybe wearing hats, carrying umbrella & sunglasses with you.

5. FAD diets

One of the less talked about reasons for prematurely aged skin is FAD diets. It causes nutrient deficiency & set the hormones on a roller coaster. Your body constantly tries to keep up with the new random introductions of diets & eventually without all balanced nutrients, just focuses on the functioning of the major body parts like the heart, kidneys, and lungs & gives less importance to skin, hair & nails. That’s why you might become slim with these trendy diets, but you will develop wrinkly skin, brittle nails & an additional problem of hair loss.

What you can do – Eat a healthy and balanced diet of protein, healthy good fats, necessary carbs, greens, seasonal fruits, eggs & vegetables. You can also indulge in your favorite foods occasionally, just remember to keep the portion size small.

Healthy eating

6. Smoking

You already know, that’s going to harm you in all ways possible. The side effects first start to show physically like wrinkles, loose skin, dark lips, eye bags, breathing issues, etc., then it starts to damage your lungs.

Woman smoking

What you can do- QUIT cigarettes

7. Stress

Well, it f***s up the whole body. Every organ gets affected in some way by a constant load of stress. Suppose your body was happy, doing its regular work, minding its problems & you piled it up with a bunch of stress. Now the functioning of all other organs will suffer because your body has to deal with stress first. The hormones, stomach, digestive glands, nervous systems, etc., all get disturbed.  It obviously makes a huge difference to the skin by resulting in wrinkles, fine lines & dullness of the skin cells.

Woman under stress

What you can do- Don’t stress on at least petty things & try breathing in & out whenever you feel anxious. You can take natural supplements to calm your nervous system like magnesium, lemon balm, chamomile tea & lavender oil pills.

8. Bad skincare routine

A bad skincare routine triggers premature wrinkles. A few things like

Makeup wipes are a NO-NO

Ditch the makeup wipes!

  • You sleep without washing your face.
  • You are choosing comedogenic cosmetic products that are causing breakouts. Buy non-comedogenic products.
  • You are serum cocktailing. That one is really gonna cost you. If you do not know which serums to use with whom & when first know about them in detail to save some skin burns. Till then, use serums individually at one time.
  • You are over or under-exfoliating the skin.
  • Shift from waxing the face to shaving it for less irritation.
  • Shift from physical scrubs to chemical exfoliation peels for rapid growth of new skin cells thus supple & young skin. 
  • You use makeup wipes for convenience. Makeup wipes cannot clean your skin as a face wash does, it rather spreads bacteria on the entire face. Ditch the makeup wipes to save skin troubles & clean your face properly with a cleanser & water.

  • You are not using Retinol in your skin care routine. Do it now. It is solid for treating aging signs & fast increment in collagen and elastin production. It is also amazing in treating acne conditions.

  • Wearing sunscreen everyday should be the most important part of your consistent skin care regimen. 

9. Cosmetic products loaded with chemicals

Any product which is applied on the facial skin & neck area should not have artificial fragrances, alcohol, or sulfates. It can be irritating for fragile skin & can lead to early signs of wrinkles & fine lines, redness, itchiness on the skin & sometimes hives.

What you can do- Read the labels when buying your products, and go for the gentle, less-ingredient list, fragrance-free brands like Cereve, La Roche Posay, Cetaphil, Avene.

Check the labels of the cosmetics before buying

10. Makeup

I am not going to tell you don’t do makeup & be natural blah blah, but we also can’t deny the fact that makeup does contain a heavy number of preservatives, thickening agents, chemicals like poly-20, coloring agents, emulsifiers, fragrances, etc.

Now, compare two people, one who puts on makeup 8 hours a day at least & the other one, occasionally. It’s an obvious fact that fewer chemicals going into the skin will do less damage to the skin which means clean pores, strong stratum corneum & healthy, bright skin.

Woman in Makeup

What you can do- Double cleanse your face right away & thoroughly when you’re done with the occasion & are home. Don’t even think about going to bed with makeup on. That’s pretty much the fastest way to age your skin.

One last thing, just slightly dab & cover your pigmentation or eye bags if you are conscious about it, but don’t put that thick layer of foundation unnecessarily. Your skin underneath is really sexy. Let it show & breathe a little.

Love ~ Beauty Stroll


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By Aayushi S
By Aayushi S
Aayushi is a New York based freelance writer and a content strategist. She is a computer science graduate, a health and skincare fanatic and is also the founder of “Beauty Stroll “. She aims to make science-backed skincare easy to understand for her readers.

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