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Hollow under eyes!!- Some tips for you

Hollow under eyes is often termed as Sunken eyes or a Tear trough Deformity.

Hollow dark under eyes

What are Sunken eyes?

When your under eyes look exceptionally thin, hollow, dark, veiny, dehydrated or tired. You have got sunken eyes. Read on to know all the causes of Sunken eyes, effective home remedies to cure them & some treatment options as well.  

Symptoms of Sunken eyes

    • Thin skin under your eyes
    • The tired or sick look
    • You can literally see the greenish veins under-eyes
    • Fat loss & hollow look under eyes
    • Dark circles under-eyes/ Pigmented under eye area

    Causes of Sunken Eyes

      • Aging
      • Lack of sleep
      • Dehydrated body
      • Sudden weight loss
      • Smoking
      • Genetics
      • Over exceeding the screen time
      • FAD diets
      • Vitamin Deficiency
      • Harmful ultraviolet rays
      • Allergies
      • Sinus infections
      • Alcohol

    1. Aging

    As we age, our overall collagen production of the body decreases. Less collagen means thinner & translucent skin. Hollow eyes & droopy eyelid skin are a part of the aging process. You certainly cannot stop the growing age but a few topical cosmetics can save you and buy you more time like eye creams with Retinol and Hyaluronic acid in them. Also, more screen time will make your situation worse. Hence keep a strict time limit on the phones and laptops.

    2. Lack of sleep

    When we sleep, our body gets this much-needed break of say 7-8 hours to fix any free radical damage or inflammation, floods our body with hormones, chills out the cortisol levels and nervous system & induces a lot of collagen production in the body that’s why we wake up with altered body issues & supple skin. Now, when you don’t sleep enough or you get poor quality sleep, your body can’t do any of those functions & you start developing either tear trough hollows, dark circles, or dehydrated sunken eyes. Hence, give yourself enough sleep for 8 hours every night.

    3. Dehydrated body

    Lack of water obviously has adverse effects on the body & is one of the most common causes of sunken eyes. Less water means less blood flow which is directly linked to dried, thin under eyes. Also, too much caffeine causes dehydration. So, keep it under the limit & drink 3 liters of water every day.

    4. Dramatic weight loss

    The dramatic weight loss often takes a toll on people’s faces first. Eyes have the thinnest skin & when you lose fat, you start looking sick because of the prominent & expanded blood vessels under your eyes which give a very tired look overall. Also, a lot of people start getting droopy eyelids with sudden weight loss. Hence, losing weight the correct way by eating a balanced meal & controlling the portion size.

    5. Smoking

    Do I even need to say? Okay, I will. Smoking causes the breakdown of skin’s elasticity & collagen production which leads to rapid facial aging, and saggy skin & since under eyes have the thinnest skin, eyes start to look hollow. Quit Smoking now!

    6. Genetics

    Ya that one is not your fault & it sucks

    7. Over exceeding the screen time

    The whole day, we are on laptops, phones, and television or if we get a little extra time on our hands, we don’t miss our PS or Xbox, that’s adding and adding screen time resulting in heavy strain on your eye muscles. The strain ultimately expands the blood vessels around the eyes & the under-eye area looks dark & veiny. Hence, limit screen time & take out 1-hour time for a relaxing walk-in garden or nature every single day.

    8. FAD diets

    FAD diets are just trendy diets that come & go with time. Anything which makes you lose weight abnormally fast isn’t doing it the right way & shouldn’t be a part of your sustainable lifestyle. Removing all the carbs, not eating for long hours, or skipping meals is just a method of messing with your hormones, energy, vitamins & nutrients. Eating a balanced healthy diet with all the good fats, protein, necessary carbs, and dark green vegetables & 30 min minimum exercise is a must. That’s the only correct way to stay healthy inside & outside & ditch all FAD diets.

    9. Vitamin Deficiency

    If you’re doing everything correctly & still have sunken eyes or dark under eyes. Get yourself a complete blood test to find out if you have any particular vitamin deficiency.

    10. Harmful Ultraviolet rays

     Sun exposure & UV rays tend to produce more melanin in our bodies & if you already have dark circles genetically, the sun will make your under-eye skin darker, more pigmented & hollowed. Use an SPF before stepping out in daylight & reapply every 2 hours.

    11. Allergies

    Seasonal allergies, dust mites, or dust allergies can make your eyes watery & very itchy and red. You end up scratching the delicate skin under your eyes for some relief constantly which ultimately forms dark circles under your eyes & gives your eyes a sunken look. Don’t leave the allergies untreated in my opinion, use eye drops, take the allergy treatment & solve it from the root to minimize the pain.

    12. Sinus infections

     Inflamed sinuses also contribute to sunken eyes. If you have nasal congestion and pressure, see a doctor to check for the infection.

    13. Alcohol

    Alcohol expands the tiny blood vessels, dehydrates the skin & causes sleep disturbances. All these conditions worsen dark circles & make the eyes sunken & eyelid skin droopy. Ditch or limit your alcohol intake.

    Effective home remedies to solve Sunken hollow eyes

    On a personal note: Give tries to all the remedies & see what suits you the best.

    Before and after home remedies


    Before vs After

    1. Raw potato juice

    Potatoes contain starch & enzymes that significantly reduce the inflammation of the expanded blood vessels that minimize pigmentation & swelling under your darkened eyes with daily consistent application of 20 mins. You will start to see the difference in a month.

    2. Green tea bags

    Green tea is loaded with antioxidants & flavonoids. Steep the green tea bags, squeeze out the extra liquid, make sure the temperature is comfortable for your eyes & place them under your eyes to improve sunken eyes by promoting circulation, and blood supply & relaxing the eye nerves & muscles. Caffeine tightens the loose blood vessels to reduce inflammation & puffiness.

    3. Almond Oil

    Almond oil contains loads of Vitamin E & necessary fatty acids. Vitamin E fights off all the free radical damage & lightens the dark circles & pigmentation of under eye area. It also helps build the collagen of the skin. Just buy the cold pressed almond oil for the complete nutrients.

    4. Eye cream

    Invest in an eye cream in your skincare routine which has Retinol, Caffeine, Hyaluronic acid EGCG, Licorice root extract, or green tea in it. Take just a little amount for the under-eyes & the thin upper eyelid skin. Massage it very gently around the eyes & sleep.

    5. Moisturizer

    Apply a moisturizer that has Hyaluronic acid or Ceramides in it to restore volume.

    6. SPF

    If you don’t have a dark hollow under your eyes, you will eventually have it if exposed to UV rays consistently. And if you already have, you shouldn’t even step in daylight without using an SPF 30-50.

    7. Chilled cucumbers

    Cucumber contains vitamin K which strengthens blood vessel walls and makes the vessels less visible under the skin & hence the appearance of dark circles brightens up a bit. Also, cucumbers are very cool in nature hence it helps in relaxing your eye nerves. You can put the slices of cucumber under your eyes or apply cucumber juice for 10 mins daily for visible results.

    8. Put fish oil under your eye

    Fish oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 reduces inflammation & heals damaged cells and fatty acids cure dryness & boost moisture to the skin. Take a fish oil capsule, open it, apply the oil under your eyes & sleep. Do this for a month for bright results.

    9. Coffee paste

    Coffee is high in antioxidants & has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce free radical damage & wake up the skin. Apply this coffee paste on the dark circles under your eyes when you want to look fresh the next day but haven’t slept last night. Mix 1 tsp of coffee with 1 tsp honey/Aloe vera and 2-3 drops of lemon for vitamin C. Apply the mixture & leave for 10 mins.

    10. Cool spooning

    This is such a cool trick to instantly increase the blood supply of the face & get rid of swelled, inflamed under eyes.  Just keep 2 spoons in the freezer always, whenever your eyes are too tired from screen time or whatever, take out the spoons & place their backs under your eyes for relaxation. Do it for 5-5 mins for each eye.

    11. Vaseline

    This is great a great hack. Pure 100% Vaseline is the most effective occlusive moisturizer; it prevents 99% of water loss. It also doesn’t clog pores. Just apply your eye cream or regular moisturizer & seal it with Vaseline for a hydrated under-eye the next morning.

    12. Face Taping 

    Sometimes, your blood supply isn’t proper under the eyes & which might cause problems like puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, etc. So simple, just tap, move & lightly massage your under-eye area & eyelid skin with two index fingers in the morning or whenever you get 2-3 min extra every day.

    Now, some treatment options for hollow eyes if nothing works

    PRP treatment

    There are three options, Hyaluronic acid fillers, PRP, and Cosmetic surgery.

      • Hyaluronic acid fillers- This is a non-invasive method which means no cutting, knife, or surgery is required. It only requires an injection of a naturally occurring substance in our bodies called Hyaluronic acid. (It’s a gel-like fluid that is found in our eyes & knees by birth but decreases with growing age). Hyaluronic acid filler is injected into a sensitive tissue under the eye area to fill the sunken hollowness & the procedure is not permanent, so you’d have to redo it every 6 months or so. It’s non-invasive but still, this procedure needs to be done by an experienced board-certified dermatologist or cosmetologist for safety.

      • PRP- Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an amazing, almost recent procedure to treat hollow eyes, dark circles & aging signs. It uses the concentration of a person’s own platelets by withdrawing a few tubes of their blood & processing the blood through a centrifuge to get the platelet concentration which is surprisingly a golden-colored liquid. Via injections, these activated platelets or the golden liquid plasma is then directly injected at different spots under each eye & the practitioner then gently massages it into your skin. Platelet-rich plasma is a noninvasive procedure that gets done in under 45 mins & since it uses our own blood platelets, it’s safer compared to fillers and surgeries.

      • Cosmetic Surgery- This Aesthetic surgery is a long-term solution for sunken eyes, but the procedure is invasive & hence carries all the risks. Consider the option only if your appearance bothers your self-esteem, is leading you into depression, or when you have genetically sunken eyes that are stubborn to treat otherwise. Discuss with your doctor all the potential risks and safety measures to take after & before the procedure.

    What harm do Sunken eyes have?

    Most of the time, Sunken eyes are not related to any serious life-threatening condition. It’s majorly a result of your poor lifestyle and sleeping habits. Try the above-mentioned remedies & alter your lifestyle, food habits & most importantly try to stay stress-free, for improved results.

    Love~ Beauty Stroll



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