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PRP under eyes- It’s safer than fillers!

People who have dark under-eye areas or sunken eyes can understand the misery & never-ending trials of home remedies. Well, if your dark circles are due to a bad lifestyle, they can be cured you know but if they are gifted in genes sadly, they will be hard to defeat. Well, PRP has shown some great under-eye lightning results and according to Dermatologists, PRP is safer than fillers, more effective than lasers & less expensive than either of them. So, if you must consider any treatment for under eyes, def try PRP.

A woman getting PRP under eye

What is PRP? What does plasma & platelets mean?

Its full form is Platelet-rich plasma.

Plasma is basically the liquid portion of our blood; it is made of majorly water and proteins. Plasma is the strong medium for red blood cells, white blood cells & platelets to circulate through the body.

Platelets are small, colorless blood cell fragments that form clots & stop bleeding in the body. Platelet activation plays an important role in the body’s natural healing process.

What is PRP treatment?

It’s a technique where your body heals itself, learned by doctors in recent years. The technique is called PRP.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy uses the concentration of a person’s own platelets by withdrawing a few tubes of their blood & processing the blood through a centrifuge to get the platelet concentration which is surprisingly a golden-colored liquid. Via injections, these activated platelets or the golden liquid plasma is then directly injected at different spots under each eye & the practitioner then gently massages it into your skin.

Why is Plasma yellow in color and not red?

Plasma in a syringe


Plasma in a syringe

The centrifugation process removes the ” blood red ” color and the red blood cells are spun out with the remaining liquid golden plasma rich in growth factors.

How is the PRP procedure done?

      • An assistant will take your blood & will numb you up with a topical cream
      • After numbing for about 30 min, the procedure will start.
      • The practitioner will perform the PRP injection using a very fine needle to minimize the pain.
      • The whole process will take less than 45 mins from start to end.

    What results can you expect from the PRP under eye treatment?

    Platelet-rich Plasma under the eyes will give you immediate astonishing results & it typically treats

        • your wrinkles under the eyes
        • will fill the hollowness of the under-eye area
        • lighten the dark circles with each sitting

      You will see improvements throughout the month as the body keeps absorbing PRP better with each day.

      How many PRP sittings do you need in total?

      You will see improvements right from the first sitting, but it’s advised to take 3 sittings for the full effect, each in the gap of 30 days.

      How long does PRP under the eyes last?

      This treatment is not permanent however it lasts longer than any fillers. It can last up to 1-2 years, completely depending on the individual’s age and severity of skin condition. (They will take the fresh blood every time as they don’t & can’t save the leftover plasma)

      Are there any side effects of PRP under eye treatment?

      Platelet-rich plasma treatment takes your own blood to heal you, hence there are no chances of allergic reactions from any foreign substance. After the procedure, some might have mild soreness to the skin, redness or mild tingling which will settle down within 3 days. Just find a trained & experienced professional & you are good to go.

      What safety measures to follow after the PRP treatment?

          • Patients are asked to avoid touching the injectable site for 24 hours
          • Avoid taking Aspirin for pain relief, it can lead to complications
          • Avoid exfoliating or massaging your face for 72 hours
          • Avoid alcohol for 72 hours
          • Ice the area
          • Try and sleep in an elevated position for 1-2 days.

        Is the PRP treatment painful?

        Not an enjoyable experience for sure, but not that painful, thanks to the numbing cream! Needles feel a little jarring. Be prepared for some sensations for a few mins.

        How much does each PRP sitting cost?

        It’s a less expensive alternative to more dangerous procedures. The price depends on the location, expertise of the provider & the size of the area being treated. The general idea is between $500-$2000 per sitting.

        Who is not a good candidate for PRP under eye treatment?

            • Pregnant/nursing women
            • If you have implants in the area you want to treat.
            • Cancer patients
            • If you are on blood thinners
            • If you have a history of blooding disorders
            • Active acne condition
            • Lupus
            • Rosacea

          What else does PRP therapy provide for the body?

          Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a form of regenerative medicine or treatment which focuses to accelerate the healing of injured body tissues by using your own growth-healing hormones in the form of a golden liquid-looking plasma.

          PRP therapy focuses on treating

              • Sports injuries like injured tendons, muscles, ligaments & joints.
              • Improves musculoskeletal problems
              • It helps in skin rejuvenation, collagen production & youthful appearance, treating under-eye bags, hollowness, and acne scars, and improves the uneven skin tone, and look of aging skin like fine lines & saggy skin.
              • Gives relief to people with shoulder pain, tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow.
              • Very popular with some for treating receding hairline & growing hair naturally.

            Why is PRP better than Dermal Fillers for under-eye treatment?

            PRP is better than fillers in many areas, like in the most important aspect which is safety.

                1. PRP uses your own blood & platelets to heal your under eyes while fillers are of different types, some use completely foreign substances which our bodies might not accept & can react badly.

                1. Fillers lighten your under-eye bags by creating a distance between your blood vessels and skin, they don’t actually lighten anything. So, when they dissolve, you are back to square one whereas after 3-4 sittings of PRP, you are good to go for 2 years minimum.

              Takeaway- Platelet Rich Plasma under eyes

                  • PRP is a recent year’s miracle healing therapy learned by doctors. This technique uses its own blood platelets to treat & heal various body problems like dark circles & hollow under-eyes, loose skin, those permanent-looking acne scars that have hope now, hair loss problems, increased collagen production in the skin & all sports injuries, etc.

                    • PRP injections are quick, noninvasive procedures that are safer & less pricey than fillers or surgeries with natural results. The procedure involves using a PRP injection with a very fine needle for minimum pain & a numbing cream application of 30 mins before beginning.

                      • The results of PRP injections are immediate & can be seen from the 1st sitting only. A lot of people have said that they wish they could have found this therapy in their earlier stages of life.

                        • It is advised to take 3 sittings for the complete effect.

                          • Costs depend on the location, expertise of the provider & the size of the area being treated. The general idea is between $500-$2000 per sitting.

                            • The whole procedure will be done in under 45 mins.

                              • The only thing to take care of is finding a trained & experienced professional with great reviews.

                            Hope you guys find your ultimate solution with the PRP therapy. Love~ Beauty Stroll


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                            By Aayushi S
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