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How to get fluffy and voluminous hair at home

Flat-falling hair isn’t always very flattering. According to me, it almost changes the shape of the face. Makes the face mature, shapeless, and a bit boring. I know this sharply because I have the straightest flat-falling hair and I really crave some volume at least at parties! Big bouncy voluminous blowouts were a big hit in the 90s and thanks to TikTok for making them popular again. They are trending!

Fluffy and Voluminous hair

Here are some tips on how to achieve that voluminous not-so-flat hair look.

So, what actually is fluffy hair?

Fluffy hair is all about bounce, volume & messy texture. You got to get these 3 things correct to see your face transform into looking more soft, fresh, and young. It should make you look effortless and give a messy vibe at the same time, that’s exactly what we are aiming for!

Just for clarity, fluffy hair looks nothing like frizzy hair or poofy hair. Frizzy hair or poofy hair honestly screams damaged! Fluffy hair is a perfect combination of volume plus shine at the same time.

How to get Fluffy hair?

I am going to tell you two options on how to get fluffy hair at home. One will include a few tools and the other one doesn’t need anything.

With the tools

Grab your things

      • Leave in conditioner
      • Heat protectant spray
      • Hair Comb
      • Blow dry brush or blow dryer
      • Velcro rollers/ foam rollers
      • Hairspray

    Step 1- Start with the damp towel dried hair with some leave-in conditioner, to begin with.

    Step 2- Part your hair into two sections from mid-parting and spray some heat protectant on your damp hair before even thinking of using blow drier or a hot tool. Heat protectant will add shine & softness to the hair but most importantly will create a barrier between your delicate hair & all the heat we are going to use on it.

    Step 3- Now set up your rollers for each section, sections will be dependent on how much hair you got. Rollers are a must, especially on the front sections of the hair. Now, if you have less time, you can   blow-dry the hair on the cool settings after spritzing the hairspray or if you have some time, leave the rollers on overnight or for a few hours depending on how much time you have on hands (Leaving rollers will obviously be much less damaging).

    Step 4- Time to pull the rollers out carefully. Brush your hair from inside to in the forward direction scooping out outside or simply flip your hair upside down, apply more hairspray and shake it up in a messy way with your fingers. Use your fingers or touch the hair after perfectly spritzing the hairspray.

    Step 5- Flip back your head and voila, look at that gorgeous fluffy hair. You can just adore yourself for a few mins now…

    Without any tools

    (This might be a little more time-consuming than the other option but doesn’t need any tools and the result is highly voluminous, beautiful, and curly). Hot tools or rollers are not the only thing to play with your hair. Some DIYS are fun too and give surprising transformations.

    Step 1- Comb your hair nicely and then mist it thoroughly with a water spray bottle.

    Step 2- You have to braid the whole hair by dividing it into small sections depending on your hair volume. Take thin strands of hair and start braiding them from maximum top to maximum bottom. Seal them with rubber bands. That’s it, you’re done.

    Step 3- Leave it on for a few hours depending on how much time you have. The more time you leave the braids on for, the more voluminous and curlier your hair’s going to be. So, if you leave overnight, it is going to be densely curly, big and voluminous.

    Step 4- Do not try to comb the hair, just roughly shake it up a little with your hands and end it with a hairspray if you’d like.

    I have personally tried this lots of times and for my extremely straight hair, this is a complete 360-degree change for my face without any salon & I just love the drastic change in my hair’s texture and volume. Do give it a try.

    How to maintain those voluminous blow-dries for as long as possible? 

    Get a silk pillowcase. It keeps the hair perfectly intact without damaging or ruining the hair strands. It will preserve your blow dry for as long as possible. Silk pillowcases honestly should be a must for people who really care for their hair and skin. It also keeps the delicate skin away from harsh lines and early wrinkles.

    Also, you can simply make a loose bun without using any hair comb. Just use a satin or silk scrunchie to tie the bun. 

    A few more tips that will instantly help you with your flat greasy hair are:

        • Dry volumizing shampoo

      Keep dry shampoo on hand. It’s a savior when you’re on the run and have no time for a hair wash. It instantly absorbs the greasiness and adds volume to the crown area and gives more body to the hair which can save you from looking dull and probably oily.

          • Loose styling powder

        Again, this is a great hack for instant results. It adds a hold and a texture to the hair. A quick bye-bye to the flat hair in minutes. Just sprinkle it on the roots and shake it up with your hands for that ruffled fresh look.

            • DON’T overbrush

          Brush your hair only when required. Too much brushing increases the chances of breakage and distributes the mane’s natural oils which makes the hair flat and greasy.

              • Backcomb

            Tease your hair at the crown/ the front part of the hair. Meaning backcombing your hair by dividing the hair into two partitions. Hold each section and backcomb it from the underside down in 3 short strokes to get fluffy hair.

                • Add layers

              Haircut and blow dry

              Haircut – Ask your stylist not to touch the back of your hair and give lots of layers in the front hair part to volumize the crown area. Ask him to do a little texturing at the ends, this adds movement and a bounce to the hair.

              • Volumizing shampoo and conditioner 

              Right from the shower, use products that can help lift up your hair strands and give your hair a little body. Conditioner should definitely soften the hair but without weighing it down.

              • Hair Diffuser 

              You can add a Hair diffuser to your blow dryer. Hair diffuser is an attachment that spreads the airstream over a wider area to control the frizz. Attaching diffuser will also keep the natural hair pattern especially for people with curly or wavy hair type.

              Do these hacks work on all hair types and hair lengths?

              Absolutely! The bounce and volume in the hair would look great & suit all hair types and both long hair and short hair.

              Takeaway- to get fluffy hair

              Start with a haircut precisely according to how it’s been described above. Then blow dry your hair upside down for the maximum volume and you can add rollers to the crown section of the hair for the bouncy effect. Leave them on for a few hours or just blow dry the rollers for instant results. Lock in with hairspray and you’re set.

               Love~ Beauty Stroll

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              By Aayushi S
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