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Black facial- Know the black skin

Treating black pigmented skin the right way is honestly misunderstood. Due to a lack of information, people end up doing more harm than good to their delicate skin. The funniest misconception I hear is black skin is thought to be very rough and tough, well in actuality it’s the opposite. It is quite sensitive & should be treated carefully when choosing products or facials.

Beautiful black girl in a picture

What happens when you mishandle black melanated skin with the wrong products, treatments, or facials?

You traumatize your skin cells & as a result, you can develop keloids, scarring, hyperpigmentation, dark patches, rough skin texture, or just ripped irritated skin.

Understand darkly pigmented skin types!

All the positives first

  • The high melanin concentration in the skin cells protects the skin against harmful UV rays and skin cancer. Reportedly, skin cancer in black people is 25 times lesser compared to white racial ethnic groups.
  • The Stratum Corneum (the protective outer layer of the skin which acts as a barrier between our skin and the outside environment) of the black dark skin is very solid. It doesn’t allow unwanted materials & bacteria to enter the skin & excessive loss of water to exit from the skin which results in delayed wrinkles and fine lines compared to fair-toned skin.

Well, that sounds very pleasant but let’s see the flip side of dark skin too

All the negatives of dark skin tones!

  • Hyperpigmentation issues in darker tones are a big common problem. Tyrosinase (the enzyme which handles the production of Melanin) activity is more active in darker skin than Caucasian skin. Because of this, any bumps in the skin like acne, cuts, or bites can leave potential scarring or pigmentation.
  • Melasma, Vitiligo, Keloid, Psedofolliculities barbae, and Dermatosis papulose nigra are all really annoying skin conditions that mostly target black or dark skin type.
  • Don’t pick on scars or acne pls! It’s tougher to treat even a simple pimple mark on dark skin than on lighter skin. If it itches a lot, gently wipe your face with a muslin cloth dipped in warm water.

one of the black skin problems- keloid


one of the black skin problems- Melasma


One of the black skin problems- Vitiligo


What products should you consider for treating scars & hyperpigmentation?

Tranexamic serum, Retinoids, Kojic acid, Alpha Arbutin, Bakuchiol, Azelaic acid, Lactic acid, Mandelic Acid, Vitamin C, Licorice root face mask, Chemical peels & Sunscreen with SPF minimum 30-50.

Extra Tips

  • Gentle. For your skin type, remember this word. From choosing all your skin products to facials or treatments. Always start with very low concentration.
  • For facials, your esthetician should be experienced in handling dark skin. Not everyone knows how to handle your melanated skin type. Check all the reviews, ask them a zillion things & then too, start with a basic treatment process (pls don’t jump on getting extractions on the first visit). If you trust them enough, book the second visit.

What are the facial or treatment options best suited for black dark skin?

A picture of a black skin girl

Salt Facial

  • This is a non-invasive skin renewal therapy that includes 3-steps, all-natural sea salt exfoliation, aesthetic ultrasound & LED light therapy to revive and rejuvenate pigmented skin types.
  • It reduces the oiliness in your skin while at the same time balancing your body’s oil production.
  • It improves the overall skin tone & hydrates the tissues
  • It also works as an antiseptic and kills bacteria present in acne and breakouts.
  • It gives relief to people with eczema and psoriasis.
  • Safe for even sensitive skin types

Hydra Facial

  • It is again a resurfacing treatment that starts by cleansing, peeling, extracting, hydrating, infusing, and protecting the skin. It includes 6 steps
  • It works amazingly for dry skin, uneven skin color, oily-congested skin, enlarged pores, age spots, blackheads, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Just one treatment of hydra facial can be superb for your skin according to the reports.
  • Who shouldn’t get this facial? If you have severe acne, are pregnant, or have rosacea, skip hydra facial.

Oxygen Facial

  • Oxygen facial helps darker skin by infusing the skin with nourishing vitamins and minerals that protect against hyperpigmentation
  • It uses oxygen under high amounts of pressure to apply serums like vitamins c, e, peptides, botanicals & hyaluronic acid to the skin.
  • Experience dramatic age-defying results, visibly smooth skin, calmed acne, and radiant hydrated skin.
  • Results are exceptional and instant

Photo Facial

  • Photo facial treatment uses short blasts of high-intensity light to result in younger-looking even toned firm skin.
  • It literally reverses the sun damage we all are and have been a victim of.
  • This facial results in anti-aging benefits by increasing collagen and elastin if the skin
  • Best for people with sun-damaged skin, rosacea, freckles, pigmented lesions & age spots

Yag Laser

  • Yag laser is a powerful resurfacing treatment for moderately advanced signs of aging, vascular lesions, discoloration, melasma, tattoo removal and sun-damaged skin
  • Apart from this, it’s also used for body hair removal
  • It has been FDA approved for decades
  • 1065 nm is a safe wavelength to use
  • Side effects- Some mild redness or swelling can be there, b u it can subside within a day or two. Just stay indoors for 1-2 days to avoid any sun damage

Pico Laser

  • This non-invasive skin treatment addresses almost all skin concerns like aging issues, brown spots, elastin production, sun damage, ink removal, and acne scarring.
  • It works by sending ultra-short pulses of energy to the targeted problem areas. The laser’s intense impact shatters the problematic skin particles. These are then naturally eliminated by the body
  • This laser is different from the rest, it turns the intense laser energy into a moderate pressure. The energy contraction activates new collagen and elastin production of cells without pain.
  • The benefits of this treatment will start showing as your body’s natural healing process kicks in.


  • It’s a minimally invasive procedure that renews the old outer uneven, thick skin by using an applicator with an abrasive surface to gently sand your skin resulting in the thickening of collagen, firm & youthful skin & even-toned skin.
  • Stop using any chemical peels, waxing, tanning creams, and sun exposure esp. 3 days prior to the treatment.
  • Side effects might include mild swelling and redness. They will go away in a few hours if the procedure is done by some experienced esthetician or dermatologist.


  • A procedure that uses tiny, electrically powered sterilized needles to prick the skin to treat scars, enlarged pores & wrinkles. These micro-injuries don’t actually leave scars but rather stimulate the new collagen in the skin.
  • For dark skin tones, this is a mind-blowing treatment as it does not deliver heat to the skin like in lasers. As a result, generally dark people with melasma & pigmentation issues can opt for this without worrying about worsening pigmentation problems.
  • Doctors generally apply topical anesthetic creams before starting the procedure

Chemical peels

  • Before trying anything else for your dark spots and pigmentation issues, go for the easiest & quickest procedure in your skincare which is chemical peels.
  • They can be done at home (with extreme precautions) and can also be done by your esthetician or dermatologist for more potency.
  • ‘The ordinary peeling solution’ is a good product. It has shown drastic results in people’s skin with proper usage.
  • It rapidly increases skin cell regeneration at a double speed making skin plump, youthful & softer.
  • Don’t leave the peel on more than what the time says on the product.
  • Don’t use it near your eyes pls!
  • Always patch test on your arm or back of the ear.

Choose your products or service provider carefully to take care of that lovely skin, Love~ Beauty Stroll


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By Aayushi S
By Aayushi S
Aayushi is a New York based freelance writer and a content strategist. She is a computer science graduate, a health and skincare fanatic and is also the founder of “Beauty Stroll “. She aims to make science-backed skincare easy to understand for her readers.

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