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SkinCare Workshop

Beautystroll is hosting a series of workshops in Texas for women in their 30s. Texans are exposed tons of sunlight, which may lead to various skin issues like hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and premature aging. If you live in Texas, by the time you are in your 30’s, your skin has been exposed to more sun than someone living in New York hitting their 60’s.

In our skincare workshop, we will give you personalized advice on how to achieve healthy and radiant skin. We understand that every individual’s skin is unique, and therefore we will work with you to understand your skin, your lifestyle and then craft skin care recommendation based on this.

Our workshop will begin with an introduction to skincare basics and explain the importance of having a consistent skincare routine. Our skincare experts will guide you through the different types of skincare products and ingredients that are beneficial for your skin type. We will also address your concerns associated with various skincare products.

We will help you learn how to use popular skincare ingredients like Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Glycolic Acid to maintain a youthful skin. We will also share some of the best Korean moisturizers which are used by Hollywood A-listers. We will also dive into some deep technical skincare topics like does tretinoin expire.

Since Texas gets tons of sunlight, our experts will discuss the importance of using sunscreen and other sun protection measures, give you tips to identify and treat sun damage, and share ways to prevent premature aging caused by prolonged sun exposure.

Later, we will ask you to fill a questionnaire to understand your skin type, divide the participants into small groups based on questionnaire and will assign an expert to each group. The expert will work with you individually to develop a personalized skincare routine for you.

At the end of our workshop, you will leave with a personalized skincare routine tailored to your skin’s specific needs, as well as a better understanding of how to care for your skin even if you get exposed to lot of sunlight.

Here is our full schedule:

  1. Austin
    On May 9, 1.00 pm at Fleet Coffee
  2. Fort Worth
    On May 10, 2.00 pm at Sons of Liberty Coffee
  3. Houston
    On May 11, 1.00 pm at Day 6 Coffee
  4. San Antonio
    On May 12, 1.00 pm at Shotgun House Roasters
  5. Dallas
    On May 13, 1.00 pm at Fiction Coffee
  6. El Paso
    On May 14, 1.00 pm at Coffee Box
  7. Arlington
    On May 15, 1.00 pm at Feng Cha 
  8. Corpus Christi
    On May 16, 1.00 pm at Cafe Calypso
  9. Plano
    On May 17, 1.00 pm at 1418 Coffee
  10. Lubbock
    On May 18, 1.00 pm at Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters

We have limited spots in our workshops so please register. We can’t accept walk in’s because of limited spots. 

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